Good product care extends its lifespan.

Did you know that 25% of clothing environmental impact comes from how you care for it?

It is all in your hands. There is so much you can do to make a difference and it is OVERALL EASY:

Wash responsibly. At low temperature - 30C.  Lowering the temperature saves energy and makes your clothes last longer. 

Wash less. Only when it’s really necessary. Help your clothes to live longer and reduce water waste.

Our prints are funky enough to welcome extra spots from playing, eating and other daily experiences. When your kid has spilled on clothing, try spot - cleaning.

Keep the water clean by using less detergent and only eco- friendly options.

Air dry your clothes instead of tumble dryer. It helps your clothes remain quality and saves huge amounts of energy. Except puffer jackets, which need to be tumble dried with a tennis ball (ideally) to make the down lovely and lofty again. Low heat 5-7 minutes, or until puffy and dry. 

Repair damages. Prolong the active life of your everyday friend. Do a few stitches or fix damaged areas with a patch.

Share with others. Pass your everyday friend to other kids and share your stories

Spread the love. Donate to charity organizations.

Recycle if it’s no longer usable. High-quality cotton can be recycled up to three times. Hand it in to textile collections, such as H&M Garment Collecting.