Overall comfortable.
Overall magic.
Overall happy.

Zebra I Can See is a kids clothing brand based on non-seasonal, timeless and unisex basics for kids aged 1-7 years with a focus on building sustainable kids wardrobe.

Zebra I Can See creates comfortable basics with graphical prints influenced by creative works of children. We call them everyday friends. Because they follow you through the day, make you smile, discover, learn and play together. It is about childhood as we idealize it: overall comfortable, overall magic and overall happy. Zebra believes everyday friends will inspire your little ones to keep exploring. 

Our basics & layering essentials are intentionally seasonless and unisex, because all kids will need them everyday. No matter the season, no matter the gender, you can enjoy mixing colours and prints and layer them up and down. 

Kids and their endless imagination are our source of inspiration. They see zebras, crocodiles and strangers from the moon in most boring situations, where adults would never have noticed. Children have the most creative, curious and adoptive mindsets. They are the giants of imagination, creators of invisible friends and the quickest learners.   

Growing up with a sustainable mindset can make a change. We believe in kids to be the creators of change. It feels very important for us to make clothes with these values in mind that inspires our future generation.

Be yourself.
Be Responsible.
Be the change.