Kids drawings translated into prints

Two sisters. Two mamas. Two soulmates.

Karolina: Big sister. Strong organizer. Aesthetics lover.

Akvile: Young sister. Fashion developer. Sustainability seeker.

From the childhood we share clothes, toys and ideas. We lived sustainably without knowing it. Now – we want to come back to the essence of it all.

Our passion for kids, creativity and fashion meet in a playful sustainable brand and unique Zebra prints. Our vision is simple but big: to build sustainable kidswear brand that brings happiness. We do not cut corners and stay truly to our idea from the first to the last thread of each Zebra garment.  

As we live in two different cities, Zebra I Can See is born with a daily development in between Vilnius and Copenhagen.

We love art and believe it influences and touches people of all ages. When we are touched, we are moved. Inspired by kids' imagination, Zebra I Can See is all about prints created in collaboration with children.

Childhood is a magical time with endless things to discover and countless opportunities to express yourself and be anyone you want to be.

We want to engage our little ones in the creative process that sparks self expression and personal attachment. At the same time get them to learn about what sustainability is in simple words: overall comfortable, overall magic, overall happy and overall responsible.

Our Inspiration Zebra I Can See